How would that make you feel? is a series of books about the hot button issues of gender, race, culture, social class and religion and how we came to think about them the way we do.

There are currently five books in the series. They are titled More than a Woman, Ain’t No Black or White, Classless, Know Thyself and Letter to Middle England.

The books combine factual and historical analysis with personal stories from the author’s life to examine a fundamental rule for thinking that we are taught to accept as correct, that all men are created equal but not born equal. That those who are born into the right gender, race, culture, class and religion are therefore more equal than those who are not.

Throughout the series the reader is invited to think about the impact of this rule on our lives and world. How, in spite of the progress we have made, British and American children are reportedly the unhappiest in the industrialised world. Why there is so much addiction to drugs, food, sex and alcohol. And why as a world we are experiencing unprecedented levels of poverty, violence, crime and terrorism.

How would that make you feel? is a response to the insistent cry for change by ordinary men and women the world over who understand that the status quo can no longer be sustained. As it is also a call to these men and women to appreciate that government cannot bring about these changes. Only we have the power to change the future. Only when our values change, will the world change. Ultimately change begins with, the individual.