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Who we are

We are an international group, of predominantly women, who live in Andalusia, southern Spain. Our members are committed to the idea that women, especially in our role as mothers, have a role to play in bringing about the change that we want to see in our world, starting with ourselves, our families and friends.

OUR MISSION is to address the social and economic system which continues to prevent women from achieving their full potential as productive and fulfilled beings.

OUR VISION is to cater for the range of needs of women who wish to live more balanced lives with their families, spouses, children, friends and communities - including the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and material.

OUR KEY AIM is to inspire women to think, reflect, understand and exchange ideas about why we must change and what we must change. Then we must set about changing what must be changed.

OUR KEY OBJECTIVE is to design and deliver services and products that enable us to be fulfilled, relaxed and productive as we set about shaping the future; and are transportable to women all over the world.

Men are equally welcome.



Our Beliefs

At Mi Casita:


We believe that the world will change when women, as the primary carers and educators of our children, have the space to think and men to feel.

We believe that as we start to think about change, we need to address the pain, the limitations, the fear and the impotence that we often feel about our ability to influence our world.

We believe that when we understand that as we change our world changes, we are open to contributing our professional and personal skills to the process of change.

We believe that as we engage in the process of changing ourselves and finding our paths, individually and together, we become more able to help other people and communities to do the same.



The Context

There is a movement spreading across the world. It is a movement to change the way the world currently works because the status quo - of unfairness, injustice and exploitation of the world’s people and resources – is unsustainable.

Mi Casita is inspired by the issues raised by the author of the How would that make you feel? book series and in particular the first book in the series, More than a Woman. 

The idea is that when we are at ease with ourselves, we are more likely to fully engage with the changes that we must make, personally, for the world to change. 



Our Approach

We have spent a number of years since Mi Casita was founded in 2011, on researching and developing an alternative model for living based on creativity and generosity.  It is an approach to life that always seeks to find a balance between the needs of the individual and that of the collective which we refer to loosely as Kosmo Way.

It begins with our project for change called Feel the Change and our campaign titled Read and Transform. The idea is simple: As we think about the idea of change and what it is we must change, we are more able to begin to feel the change we wish to experience in our world. As we feel the change, we are able to take action to bring about change and then serve the process of change in whatever way we can.

Our model provides four simple steps to assist any individual who wishes to join us on this adventure to transform their world, to be able to do so.



Where we are at

We are now, in 2015, in the delivery phase. The focus is on developing solutions that support women in playing a more active role in shaping our future alongside men; as well as solutions that support all of us – men and women, children, teenagers, young people and seniors - to live more fulfilled and happy lives. Everyone has a vote to influence developments.

We are inviting the conscious people in the world to join us through our sister community that we have called Kosmo People. The term Kosmo represents a new level of human consciousness in which who people are, their character, counts for much more than what people have or earn, look like or say they believe in. It is very much the world Martin Luther King envisioned back in the 1960s in his speech: “I have a dream.”

Our development is focused on the long term. It is ambitious and also cautious. Having spent the last three years thinking through our model and putting in place the structures for making it a reality, we are now ready to share our vision with other like-minded people who understand that it is we the people who must change for our world to change.

Anyone is welcome to join our global community through our Read and Transform campaign. At the same time, to ensure that we attract people who are conscious of their individual role in the transformation of their world, we have created a nucleus to lead the development of the community. Kosmo Developers is an invitation-only community founded in our spiritual home in Andalusia, Spain, to be followed by other regions in Spain and across the world.



Our Development Structure

Our development to date has been led by members of the Mi Casita management team. These are four founding members of Mi Casita who have been supported by other founders, as and when required, through the research and development phase with feedback on developments and with their skills.

We also have Friends of Mi Casita, some of whom are also making significant contributions to our work.

The Mi Casita management team also supports the work of the Kosmo People management and development teams.

As our work gains momentum, we hope to bring on board our Change Makers community. They will be members of Kosmo People who are responsible for the day to day delivery of the priorities of the community.

Our work is guided by a set of values and policies including our anonymity, monetary and transparency policies.

We also hope to extend this example of sharing to other creators who understand that without the support and appreciation of the collective, there is no audience for the creative individual.



What Next?

To Read and Transform with us and become a member of Kosmo People, you can subscribe directly at feelthechange.org

We hope you enjoy your time exploring our work which is brought to you with much love, dedication and commitment. We hope that you will be patient with us as we move ever more closely towards a world based on peace, love, happiness, wisdom and pure heartedness.